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The world wide propaganda attack on Israel

According to international laws a vessel sailing with no flag or more than one flag (where Country of origin is unclear) may be boarded on international waters.  Another exemption is national security and in any case where a Country has declared and extended territory for security reasons.  Picture: Mavi Marmara involved in the attack on Israeli soldiers.

Monday the 31st of May has come to an end and I am trying to summarize what has been written by Swedish media, bloggers and statements issued by our politicians trying their best to be politically correct in the aftermath of the friends of Hamas propaganda show. Sadly I must conclude that Swedes once known for their courage and boldness have became a nation go-with-the-flow-mentality and naive to the point of stupidity when it comes to buying terrorist propaganda.  When reading articles from other Countries it seems we are not alone. . .

Although Sweden has not been engaged in a war in it’s own territory since 1809(!) we have somehow become war experts when it comes other countries difficult conflicts such as the Israeli – Hamas situation.

While Christian newspapers around the world usually portrays a more moderate view on this conflict the biggest daily Christian newspaper – seemingly jumped on the same propaganda bandwagon as secular media. Thomas Österberg, one of Dagens long time reporters starts his blog today with the following words:  

“The fatal shootings on the “Ship to Gaza” convoy lowers Israeli reputation world wide. Today more or less the whole world condemns the boarding of the ships and acts of violence on board….”

Although it was appearent from the start that the Israeli navy acted in self-defence Thomas seemingly wants to put the blame on Israel for the tragic incident.

Most of the articles in the rest of this so called Christian newspaper sounds about the same as the secular, often left wing, Swedish media.

The second largest Christian newspaper wrote a more balanced article. However, not published until after 5 pm today and somewhat late in the online debate that’s been raging all day.  Världen idags reporter David Högfeldt  seemed to have bothered reading other information available than that which is served all Swedish newspapers by TT.

Christian Democrat leader Göran Hägglund called the action for unreasonable.

“- This is intolerable, it has been the use of force by no means proportionate to the threat Israel faces. With this type of action which is quite unreasonable, and that leads to human tragedies, plays into the hands of enemies… “

I find it interesting that so many public persons are so extremely fast at judging an incident based on so little facts and so little information.  If it wasn’t for Göran Hägglunds fellow politician Annelie Enochson sharp words on her blog today I would have went to bed really depressed over the one eyed reporting of this massive propaganda attack on Israel.

She puts the blame, where the blame belongs: On the so called peace activists that attacked the Israeli soldiers and caused the shootout to start with. She explains that Israel has the right to defend its territory and population like any nation and the fact that Israel had offered to distribute the 10 000 tons of food on board these ships through ordinary channels.

MyTwoCents / Daniel Forslund

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